Do you have a leaking roof? Are you worried that your roof will not hold up? Then worry not, this is the best place to start. With many different roofing services telling you many things, you will need to know about all things roof.

Before we start with anything else, you will need to understand what a roof is. Well, imagine a house without any roof. The house would be vulnerable to all the elements of nature. You would have no coverage from rain, snow or even a hurricane. Different types of building have various kinds of roofs, each with distinct purposes. For example, we have-

Material used to build a roof

You can use a variety of material to make roofs. Traditionally banana leaves, straw or seagrass has been used and is still in use in many rural areas. These roofs may not be as sturdy, but they can be easily replaced and are cheap to maintain. Many people have asphalt as their roofing material, others have cement. All of this depends on the availability of the materials.

Since the roof is one of the least accessible parts of the house, you will need to make sure that it is very durable. It should be able to sustain itself in various elemental conditions. The roof will only be able to undergo proper maintenance every once in a while (very infrequently) any damage done on the roof will and should be a cause of concern to people.

Shapes of roof

The shape of a roof depends and varies from location to location. You will see roofs that are pitched or elevated at an angle to each other. Flat roofs are also common in areas where rainfall is not perceived much. The shapes of the roofs usually are of aesthetic purpose and have very little practicality on them.

A roof has different functions and some of them include-

  1. Insulation
    The reason to why people have a roof over their head is because they need protection against nature. One such protection that we need from is the heat and cold. We are very sensitive. Of the temperature increases or decreases, we tend to start performing sub optimal. To prevent this, the roofs that we install have a huge purpose. Roofs made from natural materials, like fibres and straw have excellent heat retaining capacities. They keep the roof warm in the winters and cool in the summers. Various other materials are being used in modern times to keep the heat out, especially in tropical climates. Many builders advice you to use ‘Cool roof’. Cool roof is a roof that has high reflectivity and thermal resistance.
  2. Drainage
    Another primary function of the roof is to keep all kinds of precipitation out. If you live in an area that experiences high rainfall and precipitation, you should invest in a pitched roof. In Canada, it is advised that residents when constructing houses should keep a minimum slop of about 10 inches and a pitch of 30 degree. This is done to keep the snow from accumulating on the roof. All of this is done to prevent water from remaining on the roof and seeping into the building. If you are planning to build a flat roof, then you should make sure to have proper drainage for the water that may accumulate.
    After reading all of this, you would have some knowledge of what a roof is why you should in invest in a good roof. But if you have some maintenance work on your roof that needs to be done, then here are some signs and symptoms that you should look after for-
  3. Water marks
    In a damaged roof, water will find its way in. You might think that it is nothing to worry about unless water starts to drip down, but water marks and stains may mean many things. Your roof may have a rot inside or it may be damaged from within. You might not be able to identify and diagnose the situation yourself, but you should start to worry if there is any type of leak present. Get a professional down immediately to prevent further damage and loss.
  4. Old age
    If your house is old, it is obvious that your roof will also be very old. You should call upon a professional to determine if your roof is still alive and kicking or it needs some repairs. Many home insurances will not provide coverage for your roof if it is over 20 years old. If you are buying a house, then make sure that you get a professional to make sure that it is ok.
    These are some signs to look out for if you need a new roof. There are many companies that will provide you with quality roofing services. They will be able to diagnose various problems with the roof and provide you with a simple solution to your problems. To find a roof that is perfect with your house, aesthetically and practically is a challenge. Finding a roof that will keep you warm in the winters and cool in the summers, finding a roof that will prevent water and snow build up, finding a roof that will stay durable for a look time, is going to be a challenge. But roofing services will have the answer to all of your problems. So hire a local roof replacement service so that you can get your roof renovated immediately.