Experience Driving The Best Electric Vehicle by Tesla

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Tesla is the popular company of electric vehicles which is produced by Tesla Motors. It is an American automotive company which was formerly known as Tesla Motors, Inc. The company is based in Palo Alto, California and is owned by Elon Musk. The company offers electric cars and solar and power wall. The specialization of the company is in the manufacture of electric vehicles and solar panel manufacturing through a SolarCity subsidiary. As of now, the company sells Model S, Model X, Model 3 vehicles, powerwall and power pack batteries, solar panels, solar roof and products which are similar to these. The history of the company includes its foundation which was laid in 2003 and was founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tar penning which was later joined by Elon Musk, J.B. Straubel. The original model launched was Roadster, the Model S and X. Apart from great features, Tesla provides great auto body shop services which cannot be matched and are super convenient for the customers.

Features that makes Tesla different

Following are the points which make Tesla a great vehicle company and have features which are not easy to manufacture thereby making it a great company with excellent user experience:

Tesla has a supercharger network which is a successful solution to the problem which was a limitation to the electric vehicles. The fast charging network has made it a successful company

The services include rangers and over the air or wireless updates and not having a dealer network proves to be an efficient advantage to Tesla

The vehicle has a lot of gimmicks, gadgets and software tricks which are both valuable and fun and has provided great features even for basic models.

Tesla Company has acknowledged the range of spot which has a battery pack which has a pretty good battery capacity with great driveline work.

It also offers excellent power and acceleration in its vehicles.

Features of Tesla cars

The cars are super-fast and can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in almost 3.1 seconds and runs approximately 253 miles with one charge.

With slower speeds, it can go even further and has shown to be effective when used at 24.2 miles per hour for more than 400 miles.

The car has safety features such as partial auto-pilot functions. The car has features of the forward-looking camera, radar and 360-degree sonar sensors with traffic updates which is real-time.

It has features of autopilot which enable automatic driving on both the conditions of highway and in stop and go traffic.

It has the great feature of parking itself by detecting a parking spot.

It has an electrical braking system which lets the driver experience high levels of braking.

The vehicles feature an LCD touch screen which has an impressive control center for the vehicle and can provide features of the climate control, phone integration, navigation, and media.

It has an entire glass roof which opens with just a swipe on the LCD screen provided.

The smart air suspension feature can also be adjusted with the LCD screen.

The wireless updates are received which are not only about the features but also an update of the interface which comes on the touchscreen.

It has voice command features to play music or even for the directions.

Tesla Repair

The Tesla authorized repair shop and service is one of the great services provided by any vehicle company. The most loved reasons for the service are as followed:

For a simple issue, a Tesla Ranger is sent to the customer's house or work and is fixed at that very moment.

If the service requires that the vehicle has to take to the shop, then the company send a Tesla loaner to the customer's house or work on a flatbed and swap it with your car.

Tesla cars are known for design with great aesthetics which includes good structure design, aluminum casting, extrusion, and stamped panel technology. This is used with the combination with the aluminum welding and adhesive bonding technology. The Tesla approved Body Shops have factory trained and well-equipped staff and vehicles. The Tesla Body Repair centers are available in San Jose, California, and Pomona, California. Appointments can be made by calling the Customer Support of the Body Shop Advocate Team. It is monitored and supported by Tesla Body Shop Repair Program which has a team that makes sure the repair and service are provided effectively.  

Innovations in Tesla vehicles service

They are less complex mechanically than the usual cars, therefore, require less maintenance and are more reliable. It does not need a multi-gear transmission.

Most of the features are implemented in the software instead of hardware in Tesla vehicles.

It has the Ranger mobile repair service.

Tesla has planned to implement the body shops for repair which will be equipped and will provide repair rapidly and affordable.

The battery products of Tesla include Powerwall home and Power pack industrial battery packs. The network has a 480-volt fast-charging Supercharger station. Tesla cars provide the fastest route for lengthy travel and incorporate the delay in charging. The company has also launched the Destination Charging Location in 2014 at various hotels, restaurants and shopping centers for charging. Tesla operates as OEM or Original equipment manufacturer which manufactures powertrain components for automakers. It has confirmed its partnership with Daimler and Toyota. In solar panel research and development and battery, it has done a partnership with Panasonic. The thoughtful efforts made by the founders of the company can be seen by the basic feature of Tesla's key which is an RFID transmitter shaped in the form of a car.

Tesla's brand is incredible and symbolic. There is no need for oil changes and gasoline stop, therefore, they are incredible cars which lead to zero pollution. It is the first brand to release a beta version of the future automobiles. With cutting edge technology, great performance, styling, interior, luggage space, and Tesla authorized repair shop which provides incredible services, it is the car with incredible features which one could only dream of and is the future of automobiles.